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About Whatadog Play Center


Are your staff members specially trained?

Every staff member at Whatadog goes through an introductory training course during their first days of employment and additional scheduled training courses.


How is the facility kept clean?

A structured daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule is posted and strictly followed. All dog play areas, hallways and dog beds are sanitized nightly. Doggy "accidents" are cleaned with a disinfectant immediately.


What safety measures are utilized?

• Active dog play areas are covered with sports-grade rubber matting to protect dog's joints during play.

• Fully enclosed outdoor yard with 6' chain-link and vinyl fencing and an added extension facing inward to prevent even the best jumpers from going over.

• WestPaw and Boomer Ball toys which are highly durable and designed for a dog care settings.

• Appropriately sized toys are provided in dog play area.

• We maintain a policy of two closed doors or gates between the dog area and any customer or outside area.

• The facility is monitored with a recorded closed-circuit TV system with views of all pet activity areas, accessible locally or remotely.


What are your emergency protocols?

For moderate emergencies occurring during open business hours, we have partnered with a trusted, local veterinarian at East Bay Veterinary Hospital in Largo.


For serious emergencies (those situations which threaten loss of life) or moderate emergencies occurring after-hours, we will notify you while transporting your dog to the Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialist Emergency Care Center located at 1501-A Belcher Rd, Largo, (727) 531-5752.



What is the treatment for minor injuries?

Minor injuries, such as cuts and scratches, are a natural occurrence when dogs play. Much like children, dogs use their paws and mouths to palpate their world, and these appendages contain claws and teeth.


When these situations arise, we treat the wound at our facility with antibacterial agents and wraps, if necessary. If we feel the wound is deep, or is causing discomfort, we will call you or your emergency contact for consult.



What "green" initiatives are in use at Whatadog?

As an environmentally-conscious entity, the Whatadog Play Center strives to reduce the impact our business has on the local landfill. We use fully degradable Biobag© waste bags made from organic materials, and combine the bags, along with almost all paper waste accumulated during the day, into several large compost bins behind our facility.


Future initiatives underway include moving to a digital, or "paperless" system, along with adopting natural lawn pesticide techniques, and composting unused food waste through the practice of worm farming.


How does Whatadog aid local non-profits?

The Whatadog Play Center is a frequent attendee at local pet events benefiting local charities including:

Mutt Strut

Responsible Dog Owner Day



Proceeds from services offered at these events are donated to sponsored animal welfare programs.


We  also provide dog rescues and non-profits with the ability to help foster dogs become more social and adoptable through our free daycare program, and many of our staff own or foster rescued animals in their homes.

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We use and recommend East Bay Animal Hospital.

For emergency care, we use BluePearl Clearwater (0.8 mi), or Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialist (24 hrs. - 4 mi)

Whatadog Play Center Dog Daycare is convenient to all areas of Pinellas County Florida, including St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Indian Rocks Beach, Belleair Beach, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, and Dunedin.

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