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Frequently asked questions about Doggy Daycare


What are the benefits of dog daycare?

Daycare provides all of the activity and socialization that canines need to be happy and healthy individuals. Dogs, like humans, are highly social creatures that naturally prefer to live in groups, called "packs." Humans have replaced the traditional "packmate" role that dogs rely on for support and companionship, but due to external factors, such as a job, family or travel, many people find it difficult to meet all of their dog's specific needs; that is where we come in!


Daycare encourages your dog to:

• Play safely with other dogs in a controlled, indoor setting

• Expend energy that may cause destructive or unwanted behaviors at home

• Change demeanor around the house, often becoming more relaxed and well-mannered

• Be stimulated mentally and physically through active play

• Help a less social dog become more confident in public

• Assist in housebreaking a young puppy through scheduled "potty" outings


How do I enroll for your services?

We request that you complete a basic enrollment form, providing your contact information and your dog's background, and a record of your dog's vaccination history. If you are unable to provide a vaccination record, with your approval we will contact your veterinarian directly for the information.


If your dog is present and a specially-trained staff member is available to complete a temperament test at the time of enrollment, we may conduct the short evaluation while you are registering. Once complete, you are able to make full use of our daycare!


May I tour the facility beforehand?

Of course! We encourage you to come for an Open House tour prior to enrolling in any of our dog daycare or dog boarding programs. Facility tours can be scheduled between 10:00am to 6:00pm weekdays.


What hours are available for daycare?

We are open for dog daycare between 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. weekdays.


Do I need a reservation for daycare?

We do not require a reservation, however when you begin dog daycare for the first time or start attending with any regularity, we appreciate advance notice so that we may appropriately staff our facility for those days of highest volume.


How often should my dog attend daycare?

Some dogs attend every day without a problem, and some require short breaks of one to two days between visits to relax from their heavy day of playtime. In addition, some dogs may only come once weekly and jump in as though they never left!


Do you have any outdoor areas?

Yes! Our "potty" yard is a fully sodded 11' x 60' area, located on the north side of our building. Dogs are led outside by play group once per hour, while a staff member is there to clean up and watch over the dogs.


Our yard is fully enclosed with 6' chain-link and vinyl fencing with an added extension facing inward to prevent even the best jumpers from going over.


Due to the inclement nature of Florida weather, we make sure the dogs do not remain outside longer than ten minutes per outing.

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We use and recommend East Bay Animal Hospital.

For emergency care, we use BluePearl Clearwater (0.8 mi), or Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialist (24 hrs. - 4 mi)

Whatadog Play Center Dog Daycare is convenient to all areas of Pinellas County Florida, including St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Indian Rocks Beach, Belleair Beach, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, and Dunedin.

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